Peace of Mind Property Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out what homes are available?

Current vacancies can be viewed in the ‘Availability’ section. You may also call our office, at 503-257-6674, to inquire about available apartments.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Call our office 503-257-6674, have the address that you are inquiring about with you.  Appointments are scheduled on a first-come basis.

How much does it cost to move in?

Screening Fee: 

$45 per applicant

Required for each Applicant who is over the age of 18.  The Screening Fee is due upon submission of your Application for Rental. 

Acceptable forms of payment:  Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.

Execution Deposit:

Half of the deposit will be held as the Exaction Deposit and is required to be paid within 24 hours of approval of your application. If you fail to pay the balance of money due at move in or fail to execute the Rental Agreement within 14 days of approval, Peace of Mind Property Management will retain the Execution Deposit.  If the Execution deposit is not paid within 24 hours, you application will be considered cancelled and the home will be placed back on the market.  

Acceptable forms of payment:  Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.

Security Deposit: 

$1,200 minimum, but may vary depending on the property & individual backgrounds.  After your application has been reviewed, the amount of your Security Deposit will be determined. The Deposit will be a minimum of $1,200 for most homes, though some properties do require a higher base Security Deposit. 

Acceptable forms of payment:  Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.

First Month’s Rent: 

Required to be paid in full, at move in. We will hold the home in your name for up to 14 calendar days. Once you are an established resident, you will be permitted to make rent payments in the form of personal checks.

Acceptable forms of payment:  Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.

When can I apply for a home?

Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. To consider an application complete, you must submit the Application for Rental, Screening Fee, a copy of your government-issued Photo ID & Social Security card and your 2 most recent pay stubs. We accept only one application at a time for a particular rental unit.

How do I apply for a home?

    • Select the home you want to rent
    • Complete the Application for Rental and pay the Screening Fee (you may drop by our office to deliver your screening fee, or pay the Leasing Consultant who shows you the apartment)
    • Email, fax or drop-off copies of your government-issued Photo ID, Social Security Card and copies of 2 most recent pay stubs within 24 hours of submitting the Application & Screening Fee
    • It generally takes 2 to 3 business days for us to complete the screening process. Once your application has been approved, you will be required to pay the non-refundable Execution Deposit within 24 hours.

Will I be permitted to apply for a home if I'm not currently in the Portland area?

For applicants living out of the Portland area, you may apply by following the steps above. We recommend that applicants view the home prior to applying, but we do not require it. If you would like to have a friend view the home on your behalf, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Please be aware that you will still be required to pay the Execution Deposit upon approval of your application, whether you have viewed the apartment or not. Execution Deposits, once tendered to POM will not be returned for any reason.

What would be cause for denial of an application?

    • Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information
    • Any applicant convicted of a felony within the last 7 years
    • Any applicant with an eviction on record 
    • Open bankruptcy
    • Negative rental history or outstanding property debt
    • Negative credit, 
    • More than 3 items in collection or utility bills placed into collection, 
    • We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason

Are there employment or income requirements?

Monthly household income should equal 3 times the stated monthly rent. If an applicant does not have a verifiable source of income or the income level is too low, we may request one or all of the following: an increased Security Deposit, or qualified roommate.

What if I have no rental history?

A larger Security Deposit will be required. 

Will you rent to me if I have filed for bankruptcy?

A larger Security Deposit required for anyone who has filed for bankruptcy within the past 7 years. 

Will you rent to me if I have been evicted?

Evictions are grounds for denial.

How long do I have to move in after my application has been approved?

The Execution Deposit must be paid within 24-hours of getting approved for any home. This payment will hold the apartment for up to 14 calendar days, after which the remaining Security Deposit must be paid in full and rent payments will begin.

What if I cannot pay all move-in costs up front?

We will not relinquish keys to anyone unless all fees have been paid.

*These are simply frequently asked questions and in no way reflect our fill screening criteria. It is required that all applicants read through our complete screening requirements before applying.

For Full Screening Criteria click the link below.