Peace of Mind Property Management

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Screening Policies and Procedures

Applicant who will be financially responsible / paying for the unit

  Applicant who is over 18 but will not be         financially responsible / will not be paying       for the unit

*Please read carefully before submitting your application*

  • Completed Application for Rental
  • A copy of a government-issued Photo ID and Social Security card
  • Copies of your two most recent pay stubs or other proof of income of Financially Responsible Applicant
  • $45 Screening Charge (money order only) Financially Responsible Applicant 
*Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed until completed. Applicants will be given 24 hrs to submit missing information before other applications are accepted.


In order to process your application for a rental unit, you must submit a non-refundable $45 Screening Fee. This fee cannot be returned for any reason once it has been tendered to Peace of Mind Property Management, LLC (POM). Every adult over 18 years of age who will be residing at the property, must submit an application and Screening Fee. Per anti-discrimination laws, married couples with the same last name must be screened separately. 

POM will accept and process only one application at a time for a particular rental unit. We will process applications based on the first complete application submitted to our office (including Screening Fees). We require at least two full business days to complete the screening process. Applications must be submitted for a particular unit. If a unit is applied for sight unseen, please be aware that you will not be excused from any pre-paid amounts if for some reason the unit is not to your liking. Any items noticed at time of showing, which in your opinion need improvements or repair, should be presented prior to submitting an application, keeping in mind that special requests may not be approved.

POM does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, marital status, national origin, sex, religion, or age.


At least twelve months of positive third-party rental history or home ownership are required. Monthly income should be equal to 2 times the stated rent, and must be from a verifiable, legal source. As part of the screening process, we conduct a public records check and credit check.

  • Inaccurate, incomplete or falsified information is grounds for denial of an application
  • Evictions that are less then three (3) years
  • Property debt
  • Negative rental history
  • Large amounts of unpaid collections, liens or judgments
  • Utility bills placed in collections
  • Criminal background

We reserve the right to deny any application for rental. 


Within 24 hours of your application being approved, you will be required to pay the security deposit. This serves as the Execution Deposit and will secure the apartment for up to 14 calendar days. Upon payment of the partial deposit, you will be required to sign an 'Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement'. Once the Execution Deposit is tendered to POM it will not be returned for any reason. If you fail to pay the balance of money due at move-in, and/or fail to execute the Rental Agreement within 14 days, you will forfeit all monies paid up to the time of cancellation. At move-in, you will be required to pay the remaining Security Deposit and the first month's rent. The first month's rent payment and Security Deposit must be in the form of guaranteed funds (money order or cashier's check); personal checks will not be accepted.

Policies effective October 2012.